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Objectives of MAPU AssociationMAPU Association aims primarily to promote cooperation projects with the Patagonic regions of Argentina and Chile, which enhance the development potential of local communities and the capacity of the natives, and of natural resources.


In accordance with its Articles, MAPU Association was established to pursue the following goals in the Patagonian Regions of Argentina and Chile:

  • To promote and undertake activities, projects and programs of self-sustainable development and economic solidarity in the Patagonian region of Argentina and Chile in particular and in any other developing region in general, aimed at improving the quality of life, health, education and communication, and enhancing indigenous capabilities, through the materials and the ability of rural communities and indigenous peoples;
  • To carry out actions, projects and awareness programs, education for the development, training and solidarity to change the current unjust relationships in the economic, commercial, political and social environments that exist in the regions within the scope of the Association;
  • To promote the use of new technologies, especially for information and telecommunications among the inhabitants of the regions within the scope of the Association, in order to facilitate its use for development;
  • To promote the use of renewable energy among the inhabitants of the regions within the scope of the actions of the Association;
  • To promote international volunteering as a tool for local development and the knowledge and dissemination of reality in the regions within the scope of the Association, and the training of volunteers;
  • To work with Spanish associations and organizations or those from other countries that coincide with the goals and objectives as well as the philosophy of the MAPU Association.

In order to fulfill these ends, the following activities will be performed:

  • To promote, evaluate, organize and develop all activities, actions, programs and cooperative projects for self-sustainable development and economic solidarity for the regions within the scope of the Association as needed;
  • To sensitize the society about the functions of the purposes and general principles of the Association, organizing meetings, debates, reunions, cultural activities and any other action for this purpose;
  • To raise awareness of Association projects and to seek funds necessary for their development;
  • To interact with all types of entities, regardless of their territorial scope, participating in such reunions and meetings as is necessary;
  • To promote volunteer work and work in teams at all organizational levels of the association;
  • To work with charitable donors to bring new technologies, both from the standpoint of material as well as training, for groups with less access to them;
  • To promote the creation, acquisition, equipping and management of the social and cultural establishments under the responsibility of the association.

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